Video Conferencing Companies

The Most Successful Video Conferencing Companies

Video conferencing software has to work perfectly, or it doesn’t really work at all. If there’s any lag in the video, it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation. If someone doesn’t get the invite, you may have to reschedule. Below you’ll find top picks for video conferencing services. These are affordable, reliable, secure options your business can depend on.

Microsoft company

Probably the biggest name in the video landscape today, Microsoft offers everything you need for immersive video conferencing in Microsoft Teams. Teams are the most popular tool for digital work on the market today, with access to everything from content sharing to immersive presentations in one easy-to-use environment.

Microsoft’s video conferencing software provides access to intelligent screen sharing tools, Together Mode, for team engagement and multiple video streaming modes. You can also quickly start a video conference anywhere, from any device. On top of all that, Microsoft also partners with some of the leading AV companies globally to deliver comprehensive Microsoft Teams Rooms and video conferencing devices. The Microsoft brand even began introducing its webcams and speakers recently, with the “Modern” collection.

Cisco provider

A market leader in communication and collaboration, Cisco has taken the world by storm with its state-of-the-art Webex solution, Cisco Webex Meetings enable quick and easy video conferencing from any device or environment without any compromise on security. You can access room-based video conferencing with Cisco devices and integrated tools, desktop video conferencing, and even video-based events and presentations.

Cisco’s approach to “cognitive collaboration” helps teams working through video to work together more intuitively, while the simple Cisco Webex Teams landscape enhances video with file-sharing, screen-sharing, and messaging.

ClickMeeting service

ClickMeeting is a bit different compared to some of the other video conferencing services. This platform has a unique feature: webinars. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to hold large online events, market products with video demonstrations, and host online courses or training sessions with live video. ClickMeeting also offers traditional video conferencing solutions for team meetings and business collaboration. However, if that’s all you need, we’d look at other options on this list. Pricing is complicated too. There are two plans, and each offers different levels and costs depending on how many attendees you have.

The Automated plan is your best option for broadcasting professional video webinars. This plan comes with advanced features like auto-streaming to Facebook or YouTube, automated follow-up emails to attendees, Google Analytics integration, and certificates of attendance. ClickMeeting is definitely pricey compared to the other options on our list, which is why I wouldn’t recommend it for just basic video conferencing use. But the price is worth it if you’re planning to use the webinar features.

Zoom platform

One of the biggest names to emerge in video over the last couple of years, Zoom was one of the first companies to introduce us to the future of video-first work. Today, the company offers a convenient, simple, and easily-accessible ecosystem for video conferencing. Through partnerships with companies like Neat, you can even design fantastic meeting rooms with nothing but a single piece of hardware.

Zoom’s video solutions today come with a host of flexible features, from virtual backgrounds to advanced meeting presentation sessions. Plus, there are extra tools for security built-in, like break rooms and waiting rooms for your remote and distributed workers. With Zoom, anyone can jump into the world of video with ease.